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Adventurers Satellite Hire Kit

Perfect for limited space and weight.

Available for Australia-wide Delivery

This kit is designed for those such as hikers, climbers or fishermen who want the security of emergency contact, but have space/weight restrictions and are unable to carry the standard pack.

The kit consists of the satellite phone packaged in a Pelican Micro Case:

Contents -
Handheld Iridium Satellite Phone
Connection to the Iridium satellite Network
Instruction userguide

Please specify if you require either Car charger or 240V charger.

This package is suitable for those who intend to use the phone for minimal or emergency use only. Great for rugged sports and adventurers, but not for swimming or submerging. Satellite phones are designed to hold their charge when switched off. Typically they will lose a maximum of 5% of charge per month. Standard talk time is 4 hours on a fully charged battery, if in doubt it is highly recommended that a second battery is hired. Spare batteries are available for $1 each per day.

Hire Period minimum 7 Days.

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Price 0
Size 23.8cm x 14.1cm x 6.7cm
Weight 850 grams (full weight including case, phone, battery plus charger)
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satellite phone hire kit

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