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Iridium Go Satellite Hire Kit

Special purpose using Mobile Phone Apps

Available for Australia-wide Delivery

The Iridium Go hire kit is suitable for situations when to would have your Smartphone charged and with you. It gives up to 5 phones acces via Wi-Fi to the satellite network using an App on your Smartphone either Apple or Andriod.

Suitable for vehicle travel and business/site office situations. You can make voice calls, send text, send location co-ordinates with link for google mapping and SOS button. People should have a good working knowledge of Smartphones and downloading Apps.

The kit consists of the satellite phone packaged in a Pelican 1200 Case:

Contents -
Iridium Go Satellite Phone
Connection to the Iridium satellite Network 240V AC charger
12V Car charger
Operators user guide

Available on request -
Patch lead and external magnetic based antenna

Price 0
Size 24cm x 14cm x 7cm
Weight 930 grams
Freight Costs

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satellite phone hire kit

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